Anyone using the worldwide web will find your website with no trouble, right? Wrong. Unless your website is already well established you are facing an uphill battle to get people to find your website, let alone browse through it.


So, what is it that makes Luigi's website stand out where others don't?


Remember Luigi? He employs several ways of ensuring traffice reaches his website. SEO, content marketing and marketing through his books.



"But I don't have a book! I'm a pool cleaner, not a writer!"

That my be true, but even a pool cleaner can create a book. And you know what, you don't even have to write it. We'll create the book for you, all you have to do is supply the knowledge and maybe a few images. A book on keeping your pool clean and how hard that is ( I know, I used to clean my pool) can go a long way to ensuring people regard you as an authority on your subject, especially if you give the book away on your website and social media sites. You only have to ensure the book has links to your website and social media so that people can easily find you again. This is an example of content marketing.



SEO is another way to ensure people discover your website. Search Engine Optimisation means what it says. It's a way to ensure your website is ready to be assessed by any search engine, such as Google. Google is the king of the search engines and as such, they dictate what your website must give their bots and what you offer to people who browse your website.


There's only one problem, Google's rules for what makes a good website to them are a secret leaving webmasters with a headache, How to ensure your website is Google compliant. That's where we come in with best practices to ensure we cover as many topics as possibly to ensure Google doesn't blacklist your website.


Social Media is arguably one of the most important ways of engaging your audience. Postings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites should point your target audience toward your website where you have more on offer to interest your audience than can possibly fit on a Facebook page.


Then we have good old emails, flyers and even business cards. Make sure all these have a link to your website, you would be surprised how many people will find you through these mediums.


Finally, with TigerBites, we ensure your website is available on desktops, mobiles and tablets so anyone can view what you have to offer.