Content is what you put on your website. From one of Luigi's recipes to a short story, it's all content. The better the content, the more Google will like you. In internet marketing circles they say content is king. But Google is a fickle master and strict disciplinarian. because sharing is caring, but Google doesn't like to see the same content on multiple websites. To get round this, we need to have one place where the content is housed, on your website or blog. We then need to share these postings onto

socila media, using a service such as shareaholic.

Most people who have a smartphone, tablet or computer use some form of social media outlet such as Twitter or Facebook. These days it's the norm to access your Facebook account while you are on the go, sending messages, looking people and businesses up.


If you want more people to see your website then you too will need to open Facebook and Twitter accounts at least.


In webmaster circles, the smart saying is content is king. That is quite true and unless you have a very large advertising budget you too will need to be active on social media in order to push people to visit your website.


At TigerBites we can assist in the creation of social media accounts and the setting up of your blog and also write your content for you. Click here and take look at my own blog to see what I mean.